It takes a whole village to raise a child

Education is a strategic sector in regional, national and continental Development, and needs a short, medium and long-term planning. Those countries who have invested in their Educational System in a systematic way, have reached positive results in 20 years, showing that this is a medium/long -term strategy. For the system to be improved, civil society must be engaged: families, communities and companies.

The labour market is currently going through an unprecedented (r)evolution, and we still don’t know what challenges will arise in the near future. According to the World Economic Forum’s Human Capital Report, we must rethink the XXI century’s education and labour market.

"Today’s transition to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, combined with a crisis of governance, creates an urgent need for the world’s educators and employers to fundamentally rethink human capital through dialogue and partnerships. The adaptation of educational institutions, labour market policy and workplaces are crucial to growth, equality and social stability” (Klaus Schwab, WEF Founder and Executive Chairman).

Education must focus on students, providing them with professional guidance, which will lead to employability. Only then will we be able to promote Development in a country or region.

Fondation Ondjyla wants to participate in this great project through its Digital Platform, where knowledge is collected and used to reinforce Vocational Training in Rural Schools throughout the world. DigitalGrow’s main goal is to pass technology on and share knowledge with over 3.000 Family Farm Schools(substituir por Family Rural Schools) , in 40 countries.