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Dombe Grande (Angola) Follow-up on the filed of the "Bean campaign"

The 160 small farmers accompanied by the project started a new cycle of agricultural production, in this case, the bean campaign ("winter beans" / "cacimbo" - June to August). A system to deliver seeds and fertilizers to farmers has been established, according to their interest, area and working capacity. This is not a donation, but rather, a rotating "seed" fund. That is, farmers at the end of the harvest will give back 1,5 times the weight of the seeds they received, and return the value of the fertilizer in seeds. Considering an expected result of 1 to 12 in seeds harvested, the farmer has an interesting margin. And the project generates a "seed bank" that will be useful for the following campaigns. The 8 technicians accompany the 160 farmers in all stages of production, until harvest.