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Benguela City (Angola) Presentation of the Dombe 4.0 Project - 2nd part

There was an institutional Presentation Session addressed to government entities, project partners, funders, the media. At the Session the following presentations were made:

- Presentation of the Conceptual Project Model and results of the Participatory Rural Diagnosis of Dombe Grande, Mr. Jose Maria Wanassi;

- Strategy and Intervention Model, Mr. Francisco da Cruz Fernandes and Dr. Susana Martins;

- The Impact of Public Policy on Brazilian Agriculture, Dr. Argileu Martins;

- Final Notes, Dr. Antonio Assis.

Speakers will make their presentations available on the links:

Link: “Presentation of the Conceptual Model and Participatory Diagnosis”

Link: “Strategy and Intervention Model”

Link: “Impact of Public Policy on Agriculture in Brazil”