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Canhete, Peru. Working session with Valle Grande, Peru

“Valle Grande” is a Higher Education Center, with 55 years of service in rural areas in Peru. The first working session was held with the heads of Valle Grande, Joel Anaya (Executive Director), Rigoberto Alvarado, Luis Manzo, two other members of the Pedagogical Team, and Pedro Puig, Ricardo Ixén and Francisco Cruz Fernandes. After presenting the Virtual Alternation model of the “Digital Grow” platform, 2 stages were agreed: 1st stage: Training for the Teachers of the Agrarian Institutes of  Peru, given that “Valle Grande” is a reference center in agrarian higher education in Alternating Cycle; and 2nd stage: use of the platform for the students of the Instituto Valle Grande, in 2 specialties: Agricultural Production and Systems Analysis.