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Cordoba and Seville - Spain. Study visit to the company of certified Seed and Plant Multiplication, “Eurosemillas”

The Delegation of the Ondjyla Foundation was received by D. Juan Cano, President of the company “Eurosemillas”, and former President of AIMFR, in a visit to this important seed and plant company. We visited the company in Cordova and the multiplication/experimentation farms of new varieties, like: strawberry, red fruits, avocado, pistachio, almond, citrus (variety of “mandarin” – “Tango”). The “Tango” variety has three attractive differentiating aspects: the bark stands out easily, it is very sweet and has no seeds. It is an approach where innovation and income go hand in hand, and envisions an attractive future for agriculture and rural environment in many parts of the world. “Eurosemillas” operates in 38 countries.