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Guatemala. Antigua Guatemala - INVAL "Normal Institute for Varones Antonio Larrazábal".

After a successful collaboration between INVAL, AIMFR, ApDIF and Fondation Ondjyla, in 2021, it was decided to sign  a collaboration agreement for 5 years. The parties are interested in promoting the following collaboration training modules through the "Digital Grow" platform:

        1) Teacher Training in Education in Alternation;

        2) Training of Students in Virtual Alternation, in the courses of "Bachilerato Musical" and "Bachilerato Turismo".

There was an Official Act of signing with the representative of the Minister of Education - the Department Director of Education - D. Miguel Hernández Córdova, in the presence of teachers and students. The music students gave a small recital with the Marimbas (a typical Guatemalan musical instrument).