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Guatemala-Quetzaltenango- Capsules

One of the subjects worked on with FUNDAP officials and our team was "CAPSULES".  Capsules are short videos about concrete technical topics that can last between 15 and 20 minutes each.  Different formats were tried until reaching a standard format.  We will start the production of capsules in the health area.  The thematic units are identified from "generating axes" – the capsules. Initially, four generating axes were identified: "Human treatment, relationships between people"; "Attention to the elderly";  Community paediatric care"; and "Child nutrition".

The first capsules will be produced in Spain, within the four generating axes.

Soon, a "new window" will be created in the "Digital Grow" Library to place these capsules; they will also be placed on the FUNDAP platform.  This archive will also be of great use to countries in Africa and other continents.