Latest News
Guatemala. Guatemala City. Meetings with: "Institute of Educational Research, IEE"; EFPEM-USAC; and UNESCO.

IEE – Meeting with Directors - Oscar Hugo López Rivas and Enrique Cortéz – under the theme Impact Study.  Guatemala has already finished the first phase of the Study, the quantitative part; they intend to advance to the qualitative part, as soon as possible which includes "life stories". We are waiting for conditions to advance investigations in relation to this country.

EFPEM - "Escuela de Formación de Profesores de Enseñanza Media" (USAC)

We had a meeting with the new Director of the EFPEM School – Lucrecia Crispin MSc.– who reiterated her interest in continuing the work developed with AIMFR/F.Ondjyla, namely the approval of the "Graduates". An agreement will be made with the designation of "Letters of Understanding", to continue research, training, use of the platform, congresses and publications.

UNESCO - Meeting with Lucia Verdugo, Unesco Director.  There was an interesting exchange of information on Education in the country and possible framing in the United Nations programs.